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Wharncliffe Fly FisheryFly Fishing Hints & Tips for Wharncliffe Fly Fishery

Tried and tested flys that we have found to get some great results

Olive Fritz: a fly for all seasons! Early and late, best fished on a floating line, a long leader deep and slow. In the middle of the year works pulling in combination with Soldier Palmer.

Black Fritz: Similar comments as for Olive, but doesn't seem to work pulling

Pete's Black and Green: Some call this a "dancer", again best fished slow and deep on floating line rig.

Bloodworm: 2 patterns - tungsten bead version and unweighted version. Early season best fished in combination under an indicator with tungsten ca 6-8 feet deep and unweighted ca 3-5 feet deep.

Black Shipmans: best fished static most of the time but occasionally retrieved slowly. Works well in combination with Black Buzzer on first dropper and Shipmans on the point.

Hares Ear Shipmans

Black buzzer

Mustard Buzzer:
Seems to work well when sedges are about especially in combination with the fawn deerhair - buzzer on first dropper and deerhair on the point.

Fawn Deerhair: see above

Soldier Palmer: Works well for just a few weeks when the fish are in chasing mode!

Black Deerhair: Works at various times of the year in combination with the black buzzer. During May /June works well when Hawthorn flies are about - best when wind in in the East or North - flies are blown on from

Greenfly: The curse of Wharenciffe Fly Fishery! Clouds of them are blown on from May through to the first frosts. The fish are then content to cruise along sipping them from the surface.

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